ATH Opens Valentines Day Reservations

The restaurant, a toute heure released its menu for its "birds" themed four-course Valentine's Day offering.

The celebrated Centennial Village foodie spot, a toute heure (or ATH to those in the know), opened reservations for Valentines Day yesterday.  The price fixe menu is being called "Birds of a Feather".

Check out the four-course meal offerings below. 

Reservations can be made by calling 276-6600.

Where will you celebrate Valentines Day in town? Let us know in the comments.


Course 1:  mixed fowl terrine (duck, pheasant, dried cherries), wrapped in pancetta, tarragon aioli, + fried pheasant eggcourse

2: golden baked phyllo pastry (confit of guinea hen + curried potatoes), toasted sesame seeds, herb salad, + harissacourse

3: choice ofduo of ravioli: one duck confit + parmesan, one winter spiced butternut squash + ricotta, enriched jus, arugula-parsley pesto- or - smoked chicken leg + thigh, stuffed with turkey + herb sausage, herb spaetzle, shaved brussel sprouts + fetacourse

4:choice ofchocolate bombe with strawberry preserves ice cream,          fudge cake + chocolate ganache- or - stickey toffee pudding, butter pecan ice creamcoffee, espresso or hot tea


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