Resident Wants NJT to Fix Platform Hazard

After a commuter reportedly slipped and fell last week, a resident tells Patch he's still waiting for New Jersey Transit to fix the problem.

Editor's Note: Patch was alerted late last week to a potentially dangerous slip and fall on the train station platform. Some commuters who said they saw a woman slip on Friday morning are aware of a slick sheet of ice that appears due to what appears to be damaged gutters. One of our readers, Eric Rubinson, has sent several requests to New Jersey Transit over the past four years. What follows is his latest email that he shared with Patch.

Here's the letter that I sent to "safety@njtransit.com" on November 30th of this year, which I also posted on their facebook page: 


It is unfortunate that in the wake of the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, I find that I have to continue to bring to your attention a safety issue that has been left neglected at the Cranford train station. I appreciate the amount of effort going into restoring services, so I take no joy in reminding you, for over four years now, of this issue. 

Despite written complaints and conversations with Customer Service, the gutters on the eastbound track continue to leak. When the winter months hit, these leaks freeze and become sheets of ice on the platforms, one of which is over five feet in diameter following rainy days. 

When I have brought this to the attention of your customer service staff, I was advised that "they do not anticipate that anyone will slip". And indeed, there have been no *significant* issues that I am aware of. My question to you is, how many significant issues would you like to see occurring before you take action?

Eventually someone will slip and be seriously injured or killed. When that happens, people will begin complaining that it never should have happened. Then there will be an immediate response. And it will be too late, at least for one person and his or her family. 

The fact that you are now dealing with unprecedented damage from the storm should be no excuse for amnesty on continued negligence in the past. It is unfair and diversionary to try to use the post-Sandy situation as an excuse for your failure on this issue. 

By way of this message, I am informing you, again, of this safety issue. If I become aware of any injury that results from this situation, it will be terrible press for NJ Transit when it is found that they ignored years of repeated warnings about the issue. Please take action. Please do not limit this action to throwing salt on the ice. Fix the problem. Thank you.



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