Vintage Video: Cranford Football Versus Westfield 1977

A Youtube video shows Cranford taking on what would become the 1977 State Champion Westfield High School, featuring future Giant Harold "Butch" Woolfolk.

There's no proof just yet whether a grainy online video is actually from 1977. What's clear is that it is showing a football game, a packed field and two teams going at it.

The video titled "Cranford NJ vs Westfield NJ Football 1977," was uploaded to Youtube 10 months ago, garnering a few hundred views. The video resides under a Youtube account called Hoppieshome. Attempts to reach out to the owner were unsuccessful.

The video resurfaced again on Twitter this week when amateur sports enthusiast Jimmy Chitwood shared a link to the video, highlighting Westfield's dominance on the football field that year, and heavily touting player Butch Woolfolk's presence.

Woolfolk was one of Westfield High School's greatest players and went on to become a college legend in Michigan and later play for several NFL teams, including the Giants.


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