Week in Review: June 5th-June 11th

A round-up of the big stories about town for the week.

Cranford kicked off the Second Annual "Paint the Town," Plein Air event. A Plein Air event is when artists paint landscapes out in the open air. Participants can be spotted all about town, painting classic Cranford landmarks such as the Rahway River and the downtown clock. The "Paint the Town" headquarters will be at  The restaurant will have the artists' painting locations, event info, directions, tickets to events, and more.

Patch profiled , a non-profit headed by Cranford resident Juan Galloway. The organization travels to New York and New Jersey on a regular basis to provide food, beverages and clothes to the needy. In addition to supplying basic needs, the organization establishes relationships with the homeless by connecting them to various resources, including job training, rehabilitation centers and mental health centers. Last year, the Relief Bus served 325,000 services of food and beverages and connected 17,000 people to resources. Galloway averages that 250 people are connected to some resource per week, and about 5,000 people are fed per week. The Relief Bus takes monetary donations through their website, and also look for volunteers for the effort. 

Citizens at 555 South Avenue and Birchwood Avenue at a Town Hall Meeting. The forum was led by Mayor Dan Aschenbach, who answered residents' questions following a Powerpoint presentation explaining litigation surrounding the properties. The meeting's purpose was to openly discuss all facets of the projects. Some residents believed that there was a disproportionate concern with overdevelopment and density in the North side of town, and a lack of concern for that same problem in the South side. The Township Committee will meet Tuesday to further discuss the issue.

Tuesday's Primary Election , with a little over six percent of the township rocking the vote. Township Commitee hopefuls Aschenbach, Tom Hannen, Andis Kalnins and Lisa Adubato Nesi each secured nominations. In the County Freeholder race, incumbents Angel Estrada of Elizabeth and Chris Hudak of Linden, along with establishment backed newcomer Vernell Wright of Union Township easily defeated the insurgent slate of Elizabeth Board of Education member Elcy Castillo-Ospina and Elizabeth public school employees Erna Letemps and Marliene Abitanto for the three freeholder nominations. The freeholder contest served as the undercard battle in a Democratic primary highlighted by a contest for state legislative seats in the Elizabeth area.

Outstanding Cranford High School graduates were honored at the . Many groups, such as the Cranford Chamber of Commerce, the Crane’s Ford chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, as well as Assemblyman Bramnick, came to support the achievements of the graduates and present them with scholarships and honors.

Speaking of awards, the CHS spring production of "Oklahoma" "We were thrilled beyond belief to receive the recognition, because it means that you're doing something right," Musical Director and nominee Anthony Rafaniello said. "Somebody appreciates the work that you put into it and the work the students put into it. You never know what to expect." Both Rafaniello and students admitted to being most thrilled with the nomination for Outstanding Overall Production. The award takes into account all aspects of the show, such as costuming, set design, and choral precision.


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