Get ready To Vote...For Your Favorite Scarecrow

Cranford officials say casting votes for your favorite character in the annual Scarecrow Stroll will be simplified this year.

Elections are coming, but so is another event that will ask Cranford residents to cast their ballots. It’s almost time for the fifth annual Scarecrow Stroll and local officials say voting will be easier than ever this year.

Colorful postcard ballots, with event dates, will be mailed to every Cranford

“Anyone can vote,” said Joanne Westcott, assistant downtown manager. “But we
wanted to make it convenient for Cranford residents to get a ballot.”

Westcott said additional ballot postcards are available at the Cranford Community Center, Library and the participating businesses.

"Just look for the Scarecrow poster on display in the window," Westcott added.

The Scarecrow Stroll is an annual autumn and pre-Halloween event during which residents, local businesses and community organizations build scarecrows of all shapes and sizes that are displayed throughout the downtown area. Designs range from cartoon characters to those that represent the businesses who build them. Last year, one family built am "Irene" scarecrow. The character carried bleach and trash bags and wore work gloves and served as a reminder of the devstation of Hurricane Irene and the strength of the community members who were forced to rebuild their homes in the wake of the flood.

The Scarecrows will arrive downtown on Oct. 17, as local officials and residents gather at Eastman Plaza to determine where they will place their scarecrows. Voting will run from Oct. 18 through Oct. 29. Ballots can be dropped into any of the six Scarecrow Mailboxes. Look for the brightly colored Victorian lamp posts on these streets: North Union Avenue, North Avenue, Alden Street, Eastman Street, Walnut Avenue and South Avenue.

“This event brings people from so many towns because it is unique in this area.
People love to see the creativity of our residents and business owners and they enjoy getting to vote for their favorites,” Westcott said.

For more information email dmc@cranfordnj.org.


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