Nomahegan Lake To Undergo $1.5M Restoration

The lake that serves as the centerpiece of Nomahegan Park in Cranford is set to be renovated.

The following is a press release from the Union County Office of Public Information.

The lake at Union County’s , one of the most popular parks in the Union County Park System, will soon undergo a $1.5 million restoration.

The restoration of the 7.5-acre lake follows the rehabilitation of Upper Echo Lake in Echo Lake Park last year and is part of a four-lake restoration project that also includes Rahway River Park in Rahway, Briant Park in Summit and Meisel Avenue Park in Springfield. While work is expected to get under way in Rahway by the end of this year, the projects at Briant and Meisel will probably get under way in 2013, according to County officials.

At Thursday night’s agenda-setting meeting of the Union County Board of Freeholders, board members agreed to vote next week on a proposed $1,495,358 contract to Let It Grow Inc. of River Edge. The Nomahegan project is expected to take upwards of nine months to complete.

"We have a magnificent County Parks system," said Freeholder Bette Jane Kowalski. "But the years have taken a toll on our lakes, many of which are man-made. Silt has built up, along with a growing amount of organic matter. That all has to come out."

Nomahegan Park was part of the original park system designed by the Olmsted Brothers landscape architectural firm. An estimated 46,400 cubic yards of soil was excavated in 1930 to create the lake, which holds an estimated 9.8 million gallons of water. The lake is fed by a tributary of the Rahway River.

While some of the details of the restoration project will be worked out next month, parks users will be not be affected.

P Amato September 08, 2012 at 07:04 PM
How about forgetting about the parks for now and lowering our taxes. We can't afford to fix another park that will hardly be used. Tax and spend, that's the motto in Unoin County.
Tom September 08, 2012 at 10:24 PM
Id rather see the roads in Cranford get paved first... the park is fine for now it will continue to be a hot spot ... the roads on the other hand are barely marginal at best...
Tom September 08, 2012 at 10:25 PM
tracytalks2u September 09, 2012 at 07:49 PM
Agreed. The roads are bad and so are the sidewalks, even around Brookside Elementary. I see kids and moms fall and skin their knees as the "makeshift blacktop" sidewalk bubbles up and provides lots of trip hazards around the school. That would not cost very much. How about first things first? My taxes are up $100 a month when they are already some of the highest in the U.S.A. - unbelievable. - I am all for improvements and updates, but the Nom. Pond looks fantastic as is to everyone am I right? Maybe if they were to present their plans to the community and we were to vote on if we would like our money to go towards it. That would be a very American thing to do yes? If it is a great plan, I would vote for it as it would improve our property value hopefully. If it is pointless, I would not. Still, though first things first. My 5th grader came out of school on Friday so hot from no air conditioning his hair was wet like he just came out of the shower. How are the kids to learn in that kind of heat? First things first is what I say and that would be to lower taxes and take care of BASIC services that are yet to be met.
Tom September 09, 2012 at 07:55 PM
I was taken back when I found out that Brookside did not have Air conditioning. You would think that after such a renovation it would have been easy to install since the place was gutted....
Barbara February 07, 2013 at 12:36 PM
Amazes me how the Union County Freeloaders can spend our hard earned tax dollars! I am a frequent visitor to the park and the lakes look just fine to me. Didn't they spend enough on that useless flashing sign that is impossible to read unless you are stopped at the light?
Em February 14, 2013 at 08:40 PM
What amazes me is how lutacris you all sound! It is not so much about the park but about the erosion and the flood... And if your taxes are too expensive... why not trying a cheaper place to live... I am sure taxes are lower in Roselle park!
Tom February 14, 2013 at 09:17 PM
Excuse me ...ah... Em.. but I would rather have the town infrastructure mended so our roadways are safe enough to negotiate while children walk to and from schools, and young adults to and from the college that is near the lake. Our citizens and guests are entitled to have properly paved roads FIRST to enable SAFE travel to ALL town amenities.... You are a great candidate to run for office here.. throw your hat in next election.... The town's thinking people love getting overlooked and ignored... SAFE ROADS FIRST.... ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT AFTER....


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