Readers' Choice: Where's Your Favorite Deli?

Whether it's the pastrami, the rolls, the Sloppy Joe's or the service, delis have a special place in our hearts. So, who's your favorite in Cranford?

Delis are a North Jersey staple, a haven for a quick and tasty breakfast, overstuffed sandwiches, sumptuous side dishes and lots of chatter.

Everyone has their favorite, either for the food or the connection. The folks behind the counter make the coffee just right, keep an eye on the kids when they come in for lunch or bailed you out when you had a big family party. There are many reasons for you to show your loyalty, so tell us which Cranford deli gets your vote, then tell us why.

Readers' Choice continues to be the place where Patch users can share what makes you happiest. Keep connecting to our polls and give us a sneak peek at what makes you tick. Thanks for being part of this service to our community and check back during the week to see how the race is going. As always, we'll highlight the winner on Friday.


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