BluePrint {Cleanse} Day 2

Things are going along swimmingly (no, really. Swimmingly. I feel like I might float away…)

Hello all!

First, I want to thank everyone for their amazing feedback. I love hearing that something I'm doing has inspired (intrigued, deterred, disgusted) you. Your words mean more than you know, and I want to express my appreciation.

Whoa, is that the happy juice talking?  

With no further ado, here's a quickie about how Day 2 of my experience with the BluePrint Cleanse went down:

As evidenced by this sappy "thank you" speech, I think it's safe to say that I'm enjoying this cleansing process. I seem to have energy to spare, and I have yet to feel hungry. I read before starting that you will feel more energized while doing the cleanse because your body doesn't have to work to digest solid foods. Think about how you feel after a big meal (bed time, anyone?). I was skeptical, but it does kind of make sense...

All in all things are going smoothly. The Green juice is going down easier, I daydreamed about the Cashew Milk (Juice #6) all afternoon, and I didn't think about grilled cheese even once (okay, maybe once) today. 

I even braved a pizza place with my kids and mom without even so much as trying to snag the discarded cheese off my 2-year-old's plate. Some would call that WILLPOWER. I call it the POWER OF THE JUICE. ::cue echo-y voice::

Drinking 6 bottles of liquid (plus the water in between) has made me realize that I probably don't drink enough water thoughout the day, and toting the bottle around with me and purposefully sipping is not that difficult. Add that to the list of things that I will work to change after the 3-day cleanse is up.  

I did have some welcome distractions today that helped keep me on the straight and narrow path to juice success. I spent the day at the Restoration Hardware Outlet in Limerick, PA, checking out a rare 25% off sale. (You may remember I talked at length about the outlet , on the Patch before. It's a must-see if you're looking for the RH look on a budget.) So spending 4 hours or so in the car made it easier not to snack or think about food. (It also led me to want to pull over 4 times for bathroom breaks...) But I'd add that to the "consider this before you start the cleanse" column. Try and pick days when you know you won't be tempted (read: office birthday parties, date nights with the hubby, Free Fry-days at that ). It will help if temptation is not staring you in the face.

It was kind of nice to fall into a pattern with the juices, knowing what was coming next and what to expect. Honestly, today was kind of uneventful in the world of the juice cleanse. No news is good news, right?

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow, the last day. The row of numbered juices in my fridge is looking less bountiful and more lonely now, and I feel like I've just rounded the corner at the track to bang out my final lap. It's invigorating knowing that I can do this, but the jury's still out on if it's making a big difference in my well-being. You better believe I'll report back and let you know my thoughts after Day 3.

And seriously, thank you for your kind words and emails. Keep them coming! (that's me, not the juice talking.)

Ellie Mroz is the C.A.O. and Design Specialist for , a Westfield-based Design/Build General Contractor. http://www.MichaelRobertConstruction.com

She can be reached at Ellie@MichaelRobertConstruction.com.

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