Latinos Make Their Vote Count

Latinos are now the face of politics not unauthorized immigration. They are becoming the force uniting the country towards change as America moves forward.

Latinos made history Tuesday night becoming 10 percent of the United States electorate for the very first time.

By all accounts it was the Latinos who gave President Obama the edge over Mitt Romney to win the elections and become the 44th President of the United States.

Latinos voted 71 per cent for President Obama and 27 per cent for Romney.

Exit polls conducted by the Pew Hispanic Center, a Project of the Pew Research Center, said Latinos overwhelmingly believed that President Obama represented their interests far better than Gov. Romney (http://goo.gl/wVcwF).

Most impressive for Latinos were President Obama’s programs regarding the economy, healthcare, education and foreign policy, including the promise that he will fix the current immigration situation.

And although more Latinos were deported under President Obama's first presidency-- a last minute action by President Obama allowing children of unauthorized immigrants to apply for work visas and to go to college for the first time, made a difference for Latinos.

By the way, most Latinos said that unauthorized immigrants should get a chance to legalize their status.

At 52 million strong, though, Latinos are known as “the reluctant voters” because not all Latinos who are here legally have registered to vote.  Yesterday only 12 million voted. 

In other words that sleeping giant called “Latinos” is still waiting for that force that will get them to register and vote and to join the others who voted last night.

Which means?

The possibilities are endless.

Together with African Americans, single women, and the young, Latinos are ushering an America that is making people sitting around the kitchen table scratch their heads and ask, what are we missing?


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Monk November 11, 2012 at 08:40 PM
Now you're talking, Gloria. Apart from those in gangs and other criminal types, which are present in every demographic, Latinos seem to have the right priorities when it comes to work and not sucking the blood out of their fellow citizens necks.
e.e. November 11, 2012 at 09:08 PM
We Latinos, want what everybody else want, the american dream, politicians should know that by now.
VietNam Vet December 29, 2012 at 08:13 AM
Then come here legally and become a citizen { or maybe you want to follow odunner and be illegal} and pay taxes like everyone else does, then get a brain and vote for someone who is going to do something to make this country a better palce to live, and not take from other hard working people, or maybe you don't mind sharing what you work hard to get, if so I'll be over to get some of what you have then.
Sick of the trolls January 02, 2013 at 02:45 PM
Wow, Mr. Brown, this odunner guy sounds pretty bad. Almost as bad as the odummer guy you're always ranting about. Something should be done about him! In the meantime, maybe you should stop being such a moron and assuming that every Latino in the country is here illegally. Or maybe you would prefer it if the Latinos that pick up your garbage and clean your public buildings and do all those jobs that you don't want to do just left? Let me tell you something, Mr. Brown: I would take every illegal Latino in this country over bigoted, angry, loudmouth jerks like you any day of the week. At least they have a work ethic, what do you have except entitlement, unfounded outrage, and ludicrous conspiracy theories?


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