Turkey Trot 5 Mile Training

We have the first week's worth of exercise ready to go, besides, today's topics for the 5m training plan are: 1-setting up objectives 2-getting started

Hi, welcome to the Westfield Turkey Trot 5m training!

I’m sure you already talked to your doctor, found a buddy to share the pain… I mean the enjoyment of training, and started looking for your old running/walking shoes, and started also thinking about getting new ones. The last two, are optional, the first one is not though!

Great, now that we are all set up, let’s get ready for this week’s homework: setting up objectives; the more specific the objectives, the easier will be to achieve them, so, let’s get started!

Hopefully, you already signed up for the race, and if you didn’t, go ahead, I’ll wait… Ready? Ok then, let’s get going.

Main objective: (finish the race, walk less - run more, finish in such and such time, beat so and so, and/or not get beaten by so-and-so by 30 min or more;-). Make sure that it is easy to measure and fits within your fitness level. Such as if this is your first 5m and your last 5k took you 40 min, let’s set up a time for this race more close to 1:10’ than 45’, you know what I mean?


Short term objectives: These ones will help you reach the main objective. Let’s set up three, such as: I will set up the alarm clock at 6 a.m. to fit in a run before… (Work, the kids get up, the dog needs a walk, etc.)




I’m assuming that you have some running background, if not, keep on reading, and please let me know that you are there.

A few things to take into consideration that will help you stick to the program and have a great race:

1-      Start slowly

2-      Set up appointments to exercise

3-      Find a support group

4-      Make your goal public (you can start by telling us in this blog!!)

5-      Keep an exercise log

6-      Be patient, as long as you stick to it, good changes will come along!

7-      Have fun!!!!!!

1- To begin, if you have been inactive for the last few months, starting slowly is a must. For those of you who have been racing during the summer, you can pick up from where you left, but still taking it easy to make sure you get to race day in top form.  

2- Then, establishing habits will set you free from making choices. Write down in your calendar the exercise sessions, so you don’t have to spend time and effort trying to fit it in during your busy day. I’m giving you a schedule, put it in your calendar and that’s it, you don’t have to think about it again.

3- Finding a support group will make things easier, either by running with a buddy or having help at home or work by letting know people what you are up to, so when you go for your run, you have somebody to cover your back. 

4- This one will help you be accountable. If you tell everybody that you are running a 5m, then you better do it! You don’t want to let your loved ones down, do you?

5- Similarly, keeping an exercise log will let you know where you came from, where you are at that time, and where you have to go. It will serve as a guide and a testament of your hard work, especially on race week, when you will most likely ask yourself if you are ready for it (I will upload one on Weds). 

6- Lastly, trust me. I have been doing this for a long time and I have the credentials to prove my expertise. If you are patient enough and follow the progressive training program, you will see results.  

7- Enjoy yourself! It will make the running time go faster!

So, with no more to say by now, here I present you this week’s training program, have fun!!!!!

8 Week Training Schedule for the Westfield Turkey Trot 5m - 2012


















The numbers are minutes of walk/jog, jog, or run at a pace that will allow you to have a conversation (see why I want you to have a buddy? ;-).

The x means that if you have been racing during the summer, you should do some kind of cross-training exercises, such as swimming, biking, elliptical machine, etc.  If you are a complete beginner, take those (X) days off and let me know so I can set you up with a non-running to running 20 min straight program.

If you do strength training (ST) exercises and you just started running, do the ST exercises on non-running days.

Hope this helps for the first week, you can always ask me questions though!

Have a great week, and see you on(line) Sunday 10/7 (I liked this, Julie!)


(next week’s topic: getting new shoes!)

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Lora Kaprowski October 01, 2012 at 11:25 PM
Thanks Gloria! I look forward to racing with everyone! Here's my public goal: to finish the race in 50 minutes or less...(fingers crossed)!
Gloria Safar October 01, 2012 at 11:34 PM
Awesome Lora! Keep me posted on how things go! I'll upload a training log on Weds so you ( and everyone else) can keep track of your runs See you in cyberspace on Weds ;-))
Jerry F October 03, 2012 at 01:49 AM
This looks great, Gloria, Thanks for providing a practical approach to train for my first 5m race. See you there!!!
Gloria Safar October 03, 2012 at 02:09 AM
Thanks Jerry, and welcome aboard! Good luck with the training!
Randsmom October 03, 2012 at 12:29 PM
You should be able to do that with no problem!! We are contemplating doing the one in Denver ??


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