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Group Hosts Rahway Watershed, Green Infrastructure Workshop

The Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions is sponsoring the workshop from 7p.m. to 9:30p.m. at the Cranford Township Community Center.

An event titled "Harvesting the Rain: Green Infrastructure for a Healthier Rahway Watershed," will take place this Thursday at the Cranford Community Center.

According to Dan Aschenbach, the former Cranford mayor who has maintained heavy involvement in flood mitigation issues here, the workshop will mainly focus on improvements to storm water management.

The workshop takes place at the Cranford Township Community Center from 7pm - 9:30pm on Jan. 31.

The following is information about the event from the Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions.


Throughout New Jersey—and within the Rahway River watershed—we have created vast areas of impervious surfaces. These impervious surfaces carry increasing amounts of stormwater to the Rahway, its tributaries and the New York/New Jersey Harbor Estuary.

One result is more frequent and severe flood events, even during relatively small storms. Increased runoff also causes habitat degradation, reduced water quality, higher discharge temperatures, stream and bank erosion and aesthetic degradation.

Green infrastructure is a suite of cost-effective design techniques that mimic the functions of natural systems to control stormwater.

When applied to new or existing developed areas, they can markedly improve water quality, reduce runoff volume, reduce peak flow and improve the aesthetic and recreational assets of your community.

In the workshop you will:

•Learn about green infrastructure techniques and their application in New Jersey
•Hear practical case studies of environmental commission projects. 

Attendance is FREE.
To register and for further information, email ANJEC or call 973-539-7547.

Share the ride! ANJEC has arranged a free ride matching service for you at carpoolworld.com! It’s an easy way to shave your carbon footprint while trimming your transportation costs!

This project was funded by a cooperative agreement awarded by the Environmental Protection Agency to NEIWPCC  in partnership with the New York-New Jersey Harbor Estuary Program.


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