April Showers that Don't Realize it's May: Sump Pump Maintenance

As the last few weeks have reminded us, there's never a season where our sump pumps can have a break. We have responded to a few calls where sump pump failure has led to flooding in basements and beyond.


While the attached floor may look shiny, it's really a layer of water due entirely to sump pump failure.


Even in our own house, we noticed our backup sump pump was running when the electricity was running. We checked our normal pump and found it was not sitting properly, and we didn't know it! While this is yet another reason to have [more than one sump pump: link to more than one sump pump article], it also serves as a reminder to check this important appliance thoroughly and regularly.


Please feel free to share the following tips with your clients so that together we can work to prevent these costly water-based losses.



Chris and Robin Hoy


After you've considered a second, pressure-operated sump pump, there are other ways to keep your pump working properly.

•    Clean your pump periodically to keep silt from the yard from settling

•    Consider French drains to direct water from your home's perimeter directly to your pump

•    Elevate boilers and furnaces to help prevent appliance floods

•    Use interior drain tiles to direct drainage water under the floor

•    Look into alarm systems that can monitor water and temperature as additional factors of home security

Once every 3-4 months:

•    Clean out the inlet screen of your pump

•    Make sure your power cord is connected to the power source and is working properly

•    Pour a bucket of water into your sump so the float raises and you can ensure the pump turns on properly; if not, adjust the float.

Once every year:

•    Clean and inspect your sump

•    Replace your pump for maximum protection

•    If your bearings require grease or oil, make sure they have enough lubrication to work properly.

With proper maintenance, backup, and planning, we can work to prevent flooding all year round.


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