Letter: Cut Patronage Jobs, Not Valued Employees

Tina Renna expresses her views on the human cost of the Union County budget plan.

Despite the county budget climbing to just a shade under a half a billion dollars, the county is laying off approximately 10 percent of their work force. This does not include even one overpaid, unneeded patronage job. In fact politicaly connected employees were given generous raises in January.

Freeholder Angel Estrada stated at the last freeholder meeting, “I am amazed that people who sit here week after week who consistently complain about A, B and C are not the first ones out here saying how great it is….we’re reducing the workforce by 10 percent. That’s what they’ve been asking for months, years.”

I have never heard a citizen call for in the last few “months, years” for a 10 percent reduction in Runnells or Social Service employees, which the county is now doing while keeping all highly paid, upper management positions at Runnells along with their perks. Reducing patronage jobs and nepotism – yes. Not handing out raises to the politically connected – yes. Not creating new management positions for the politically connected – yes. Have the Union County Democratic Committee Chairman show up at a county facility to earn her $147,712 county paycheck – yes. Reducing the millions to politically connected law firms – yes. Cutting out catered freeholder meetings – yes. Ending Musicfest – yes. Not buying fireplace tiles for $9,975 – yes. Disbanding the million dollar public information department – yes. Consolidating their three law enforcement departments – yes.

I could fill the space of this entire (website) with the requests citizens have made for Union County government to get their finances under control for months, years. The unaccountability of freeholders and their outright lies would be sprinkled throughout.

Tina Renna


theo Robinson April 24, 2012 at 07:05 PM
Tina Renna, I applaude you on all of your research. We should regionalize all services like many other states do to lower a tax base which does not allow retired people like me to remain in the state of" New Germany" oops I mean N.J.when our last years remain.......


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