Where to See 'Avengers' — Film Delivers Non-stop Excitement

The blockbuster hit is showing in Westfield, Mountainside, and Union.


The Avengers officially opened on Friday and is showing at the Union Theatre in Union, AMC Loews Mountainside, the . Find showtimes here.

 Overall, The Avengers is one film that delivers, blending non-stop action with comedic relief. Expect many of the one-liners to be quoted this summer.

This Marvel Film directed by Joss Whedon is great entertainment and not just for comic book fanatics. Take it from someone who easily tires of long action scenes.

The superheroes with their unique skills and personalities and the stunning visual effects keep this movie interesting. Seeing all those superheroes in one film, interacting and battling through rivalries is really pretty cool.

The superheroes are summoned together by Sgt. Nick Fury of the secret government agency, S.H.I.E.L.D. Fury wants to save the world from invasion from another universe led by Thor’s evil brother Loki. Loki, an intriguing villain, wants to take over the world to get back at his overachieving brother Thor, who loves Earth. 

Fury assembles a team that includes Ironman, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk and Black Widow. Before the Avengers take on Loki, they have to sort out their own rivalries. As superheroes, they are more likely to sort our their differences in battle than negotiation. The rivalry between Ironman and Captain America is particularly contentious. 

Were you one of those kids who always wondered who would win a battle? A tiger versus a lion, Superman versus Batman, Ironman versus Captain America? You'll love this film. 

They do get over their self-indulgent rivalries and come together in a final battle scene in New York City. The Hulk is particularly impressive — this is not your 1970s television show Hulk. Digital production makes him much more exciting and huge. He also gets a lot of laughs. 

All in all, a fun, must-see summer movie. 

And just for a little added fun, tell us who your favorite Avenger is. (Mine is definitely Thor — after all, he's a god!)


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