Committee Reviews Next Step in Municipal Building Renovations

The township’s consultant went over the plans during Monday’s workshop meeting.

Paul LaCorte presents the next phase of municipal building plans during the Jan. 13 committee workshop meeeting. Credit: Nicole Bitette
Paul LaCorte presents the next phase of municipal building plans during the Jan. 13 committee workshop meeeting. Credit: Nicole Bitette

During Monday’s Township Committee meeting, the commissioners were presented with a phase two plan for construction on the Cranford Municipal Building.

Since the first phase of construction was completed last year on the lower level of the building, plans are to now focus on the exterior of the building, as well as the upgrading of bathrooms, according to the Township’s consultant for the project, Paul LaCorte.

In 2012, following extensive damage from Hurricane Irene, the township awarded a contract to W.D. Snyder Co. for repairs and renovations to the municipal building. The amount allocated was $1,870,000.

LaCorte explained that the underlying principal with the project is to keep things simple and to use the very best materials.

The renovations on the exterior of the building will include replacing the wood trim around the current building, which is currently rotting, with a material that is rot-resisting. Also, the cupola at the main entrance will be lit from the exterior to place a better focus on it and the main entrance. LaCorte added that additional LED lighting would be placed around the perimeter of the building for both aesthetics and safety purposes.  

In order to better prevent flooding, LaCorte suggested the township remove and replace the current ramp leading the police department entrance because it currently allows water to flow downward. He also explained that they would rework with the existing piping to flow towards the catch basin in the rear of the building and also make it accessible for the rain gardens that are planned.

A final remaining piece of the exterior project is a landscaping plan, which has not been discussed yet, LaCorte explained, however, he said it will be simple and align with the current feel of the building.

On the interior of the building, the plan is to renovate the two main public bathrooms and the two restrooms in the police wing, as well as the toilet in the holding cell.

There was also discussion that select ceiling tiles in the building could contain asbestos, so tiles will be inspected to see if they need replacement.

The committee asked LaCorte to present the final architectural drawings during the Committee’s first meeting of February. 

Tom January 15, 2014 at 04:32 PM
I think we need the roads paved before the municipal building gets done. I was just there and it doesnt look that bad. I think everyone is managing just fine. However, our cars are NOT managing the roads. For one of the highest in taxes in the county, Cranford, has worse roads than the poorest sections of NEWARK! THAT is a fact! Lets get with the road construction people... the palaces can wait~!


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