Controversial Drug Rehab Proposal Withdrawn

Plan for center on Route 206 faced stiff opposition from residents.

A residential drug rehabilitation center proposal by Harding Corona for Route 206 has been withdrawn, the Hillsborough Planning Department confirmed Wednesday.

The proposal called for the construction of five buildings, totaling 34,115 square feet, on a lot located just north of the inersection of Old Somerville Road and Route 206. While the facility would have been built by Harding Corona, Gen Psych, of Bridgewater, planned to operate the facility. 

Gen Psych officials could not be reached for comment on the withdrawal of the plans, however, the proposal was met with opposition by neighbors of the area.

"I suspect that they did not want to continue their efforts here, given the vocal and unified opposition by the residents of Hillsborough," Flanders Drive resident David Fritz said.

Gen Psych met with residents living near the site Nov. 14, after reducing the planned construction—but making the center a residential facility instead of out-patient treatment center.

The meeting may have been aimed at calming residents ahead of a Planning Board hearing on the application, but if so, that effort failed. Residents turned out for the Dec. 6 meeting, and grilled Georgette Jungels, of Millington, who was to head the center's counseling and treatment operations. The Planning Board continued the hearing on Harding Corona's proposal to the February meeting to hear from the company's business managers. 

Truthsayer December 31, 2012 at 03:41 PM
S.G. Please elaborate, if family member resided in NJ and had insurance, why did this person need to be treated in a NY State Facility? Tx
Concerned Citizen December 31, 2012 at 03:51 PM
Zoning: the township dropped the ball on the notification to Flanders residents about the zoning change. So we were not informed in 2008 about property changes. We had previously been under the assumption that that acreage was already declared into open space as. The 9 acre parcel of land, according to a realtor who sold property bordering this lot, was supposed to be non-developable. This turns out to be not the case. Half of that acreage is actually non-developable because of state regulations on wetlands other environmental concerns. Only a portion can be used that is out of the flood plain and wetlands designation. The previous zoning, HOO, made it next to impossible for this land to be used for anything but the residence that already exists. Sandra Kulina has been trying to sell this land for over 25 years and has been unable to move it. I truly feel sorry for her. She is in an impossible situation. By the way, I am certainly not asking her to donate a $2 million dollar property into open space. There are other ways for this to happen.
S.G. December 31, 2012 at 04:15 PM
There were no openings in this area for a private voluntary admission. Even the VA's had a waiting list. Also, I am not sure if you understood that he admitted himself to a private psychiatric facility located in New York State. Not a New York State facility.
Mack January 01, 2013 at 12:11 AM
S.G, you seem to be very bothered about this. Are you the owner of the property? Are you Gensypch? Maybe you want a drug rehab in town? FYI, carrier has plenty of beds for patients. They advertise on tv and radio 24/7. One last thing, you mentioned 19 acres for sale by you. Maybe the seller can subdivide the property and then maybe Genpsych will be interested in purchasing. This way, everyone is happy. The Flanders Dr residence will sleep better at night and you get your rehab facility in your neighborhood next door to your home, your kids, your grandkids. I betcha a million bucks you would think differently. Sleep Well
Mick January 04, 2013 at 04:46 AM
I think the point regarding availability of substance abuse facilities cannot be overstated. We HAVE a facility equipped which helps thousands of patients a year in both detoxification and rehabilitation, inpatient and intensive outpatient. I'm referring to Carrier Clinic, of course. Couple Carrier with Princeton House and you have over 10k individuals helped each year on a 10 mile stretch of 206. We already have enough of options for substance abuse treatment in 'our back yard'.


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