Paying Summit Parking Fees—There's an App for That

City partners with Parkmobile to offer cellphone payment for revamped parking.

Editor's Note: The following is a press release.

With the launch of Parkmobile, residents and visitors of Summit will be able to conduct their parking transactions by mobile phone.

The City of Summit, NJ and Parkmobile USA, Inc. is happy to announce that Parkmobile pay by mobile phone service has been implemented in Summit, NJ. Customers can pay for parking with their cell phone using Parkmobile’s native mobile applications for iPhone, Android, Windows 7, and Blackberry smartphones. Anyone can use Parkmobile with a smart phone or any cell phone by calling 1‐877‐727‐5304 once registered.

Simple to use, customers pre‐register at www.parkmobile.com setting up a virtual wallet account with a minimum deposit of $25. Parking fees will be deducted from the account. When the balance reaches $5, the account will automatically be replenished.

After setting up the account, customers can immediately start using the system with their registered mobile phone.

"Parkmobile is very excited to launch our mobile payment parking service in Summit," said Albert Bogaard, CEO of Parkmobile USA, Inc. “With this technology, customers no longer have to search for change or wait in line at their destination. Our mobile payment service is an example of another technology that can make our lives easier and more efficient.”

In Summit, the program is offered at all municipal parking locations and at all street meters. Parkmobile’s innovative technologies and services will enhance the experience of motorists. Parkmobile’s pay by phone is an ideal parking option, and is simple and convenient. You can

start your parking transaction from your car without ever going to the meter or payment machine.

Summit’s Mayor Ellen Dickson commented “Summit is dedicated to delivering parking services as hassle free as possible. The pay by cell mobile app is a big step in that direction. I hope you will explore this advanced technology.”

Summit’s Parking Services Manager, Rita McNany, stated, ”Summit is excited to offer pay‐by‐ cell payment option to our customers and visitors. It’s an easy way to pay for parking. Parkers simply scan a QR code, enter a zone and space number and their parking is being paid for. We encourage everyone to set‐up a virtual wallet account with Parkmobile and simply Park, Scan and Go!”

Sign‐up for another great feature with Parkmobile to receive a text message or email to be alerted when their time is running out. As long as the parker does not exceed the established

time limit where parked, parking time may be extended right from their phone.

Summit is absorbing Parkmobile’s per transaction convenience fee for its customers in order to

encourage parkers to use this simple payment system.

Marketing materials and signage will be posted at all parking locations. Visit the City of Summit’s website at www.cityofsummit.org for more Parkmobile information Scan the QR code to download your Parkmobile app today.

For additional information and locations, please visit: www.parkmobile.com. 


Max November 16, 2012 at 10:42 PM
. . . . . .or Chatham Borough, or Madison, or Millburn, or Berkeley Heights, or New Providence, or Chatham Township. Or, for the cost of five hours parking, you can buy a train ticket to the city and have some selection when you shop.
Max November 17, 2012 at 10:00 PM
Does Summit really have this much to offer? I spent a good piece of Saturday in Morristown, where many merchants offer free parking or can validate parking stubs. Paid parking costs 50¢ per hour, payable in 5¢/6min increments. Four-and-one-half hours parking in Morristown costs $2.25. The same stay under Summit's pricing model will cost $8.00. Round trip to Morristown costs me about 0.9 gallons of gasoline more than a round trip to downtown Summit (and 20 minutes more). Even if I walk to downtown, there's only a gallon difference. Should I pay a few dollars MORE to shop in Summit than to shop in Morristown? The range of retailers and restaurants in Morristown dwarfs Summit's options, with the beneficial side effects of increased competition, better quality offerings, and lower prices. An economist's analysis of local shopping options does not favor Summit. But then, historically, Summit City Hall has not considered elasticity of demand in its projections.
Max November 19, 2012 at 03:13 PM
Might City Hall yield some respect to the voice of downtown merchants? Perhaps it's not too early to begin thinking of a boycott. . . . . .
Robert Steelman November 19, 2012 at 05:35 PM
Max, I spent 6 hours parked in Summit on Saturday and it didn't cost me anything. Nor will it when the gates go down on the DeForest Lots. I parked on the upper level of the tiered -covered, parking garage. Weekends are free on levels 2 through 5. Enter from Springfield Ave across from Jos A Banks. Same for the commuter lot on Broad St., I like Summit's merchants and visit them regulary. I'm going to boycott stupid.
Max November 24, 2012 at 08:29 PM
Robert, my thoughts: (1) Weekends, fine. What about the other five days of the week? (2) I don't see what Summit has that is attractive enough to warrant a $6 fee for 190 minutes of parking. Most surrounding municipalities don't charge for parking at all, mall parking is free (and close enough to walk for some Summit residents, were it not for the highway), Morristown, ten minutes away, is often free, a flat 50¢ per hour otherwise. MuniMeters (Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan north of 96th Street) charge a flat 25¢ per 15 minutes, 75¢ per 15 minutes below 96th Street. Parts of Park Slope, Brooklyn, charge $1.50 per hour. Seven hours of parking in Midtown Manhattan costs one dollar more than seven hours of parking in Summit. I can not see the draw that can support that pricing model. (3) re: the idea of a boycott, look to history. The strongest corporate supporter of the anti-Vietnam war movement was Coca-Cola. Why? The demographic of those most strongly opposed to the war very closely matched the demographic of Coca-Cola's target customer base. Coca-Cola had money and influence and was threatened with a boycott. I, too, want to see a thriving downtown Summit. I like the convenience of a wide range of products and services readily available, and helpful and friendly merchants who recognize me and know my name. I wish them all every success. But City Hall has a demonstrated history of paying only lip service to residents' concerns. Merchants speak with a louder voice.


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