Dems Slam Christie For Attending Florida Fundraisers During 'Bridgegate' Scandal

Democrats on Friday ripped Gov. Chris Christie for engaging in political travel while his administration is plagued by the "Bridgegate" Fort Lee lane-closure scandal.

John Currie of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee noted that the governor, in his State-of-the-State address, pledged he would "not allow the work that needs to be done to improve the people’s lives in New Jersey to be delayed." 

"How exactly is that work getting done if he is off fund-raising for the governor of Florida and cultivating a national donor base?" he said.

He said "it is disturbing" that, despite investigations into his administration's September lane-closures at the George Washington Bridge, that Christie "is turning a deaf ear to the outcries of the people of New Jersey, and once again putting his political interests above their needs."

The governor's office did not immediately respond to request for comment.

Currie said New Jersey residents deserve more answers and better assurances that the governor will "weed out the corrupting influences in his office."

"His administration has embarrassed our state, making us the butt of jokes on late night television," he said. "Flying off to Florida for a fund-raiser with another scandal-plagued governor like Rick Scott shows a callous indifference to the mess he helped to create."

"The fact is, the governor has been inconsistent in his demands for accountability, and his efforts to address the failures that led to the Bridgegate scandal have been largely symbolic. For example, why have some of Christie's core team been spared punishment but not others? And, why was it so important for Christie to maintain distance between himself and the two aides that were sent packing?" 

Sun Tzu January 22, 2014 at 03:55 PM
Phil It was kind of meant as a general statement to give some ideas for folks like me who want to restore the values and virtues that made our country great...To take or leave as they see fit of course. But, While I have your attention I also dropped my cable bill down to basic service and now have a simple $12 phone with a basic plan. I think we both know the power of money Phil, my guess is we can agree on that.
Phil Brooks January 22, 2014 at 04:46 PM
Sun Tzu, Depends on what you can afford and/or where you wish to spend your money. // Just remember, everyone has an agenda, including the faith-based people.
George Murphy January 22, 2014 at 05:16 PM
Mr B - It's amazing how one man, one governor, and of a smaller state no less, has more attention than anyone else in the government. Now he is being persuaded to step down as President of the State Governors Association. The media are not a reliable source for straight truth and everyone knows it, including those who would never admit it. Fox is an opposing view, but it is still leaning too heavily the other way. Let's face it, they are druggies, both in terms of not only substance abuse, but they are drunk with misinformation which they have come to believe themselves. I would love to know who the script writers and editors are, who barrage us with doctored-up information, who leave out important elements and facts of a report or story and who train their anchors to tone their voices, accordingly. The Lord Himself was the one who said, "And the truth shall set you free." He also said, "Woe to those who stir up dissension." And this is what the press does - 247365. You see, the two specific references to light in Scripture are as follows: The angel of light - the devil, whose light blinds us from the truth; and, The Light of Christ, whose light guides us to the truth. In addition, when we become short sighted or myopic about things, we tend to misapprehend, or worse, change what is actually printed. Here is what I said: "Hillary has some; however, I don't believe that 'living' in the White House for eight years qualifies her for the job." Here is what you wrote: "...saying that living in the White House was her lone qualification--well, even you know that's biased and false." You're right it is biased and false because I never said that. Living in the White House could never qualify anyone for the position. As I said, a person who hangs around a bakery and buys, and eats, continuously, doesn't necessarily know how to bake. We were a free nation; we are not any longer, at least in the sense that we were meant to be. We have the appearance of being free, but we are a mirage, and our last real oasis is being demolished. Now no one has to believe in God's mighty power and existence if he/she chooses not to, and keep in mind that God does not force the issue either. He has given us the choice. Much of the left is not concerned with Scripture because it is diabolically in opposition to what those on the left embrace. Then we have many who, while they fully believe, do not take God's Word seriously, (which by their poor example as Christians and Jews, discourage the unbelievers from ever coming around) See: 2 Timothy 3:1-9. Let's face it, until the truth be told - every time and every day - we will never be free, period.
Phil Brooks January 22, 2014 at 09:51 PM
George, You're not helping your argument when you make an unsubstantiated claim that people in the news media are "druggies." // Here's the deal, and from someone who worked in the business (CBS, though I was on the technical end and not a reporter, producer or management)... TV news panders. They're shills. In order to gain access, they must pander. After all, if they get too aggressive on a story, people don't talk to them. And a good reporter needs sources. Start sniffing around too much, and the sources dry up. Many so-called news broadcasts are involved in cross-promotion for other shows on that network. Hence, they're shills. Many news outfits don't have the time or money to get involved in serious investigative work. So, they resort to so-called "quick and dirty," "rip and read" (the stuff off the wires) or, in the case of the cable outlets, get involved in talking head stuff. It's simple and cheap. Case in point, at least at the local level... What was the lead story the last couple days? The snow. Six inches of snow in January was the lead story for two days. Pardon mon Francais, but snow was the lead story in January for two fucking days. July? You've got a story. January? Come on. But, worse than that, the news outlets are telling you that's the best they can do. And that's damned pathetic while eliminating any morsel of credibility they had left. // If newspapers can figure out how to make money off the Internet (and, in my opinion, they blew their chance), those are the people you should pay attention to. They have the time and staff to do investigative work. After all, who broke Bridge-gate? The TV and radio people aren't capable of it. So, it has to be newspapers and, by extension, those websites who sniff around as they're all the written word with some pictures) anyway. If we had to depend on TV and radio only, Christie could be acting like Hitler down in Trenton and it wouldn't be covered. // Don't watch TV; it's a waste of time, even if you're watching an outlet who agrees with the way you think.
George Murphy January 22, 2014 at 10:49 PM
PB - I know we can get along quite well, and I believe also that you are a nice guy. In addition, I have been enjoying the dialogue, here. I realize that the weather is usually at the back of the line, which is not to say that it occasionally takes first spot. It did this week, obviously; moreover, over a year ago, it was long-term lead story in regards to Sandy. In fact, Sandy is still in the news. I am a radio person. I believe that I already informed you that I do not watch TV and I read only a small local paper that covers my town and several others surrounding me. Once in a while (with the exception of the obits) I will log on to APP.com. The few talk show hosts to whom I listen are very well read, intelligent and totally informed. I do this whilst the average uninformed American is watching CSI, Law and Order or the Giants loose. Or perhaps they are playing a "mature" video game with their 10-year-old son on X-Box. I also keep myself informed in a wise manner using the Scriptures because we all need to be getting ourselves ready for the day of departure. I feel sorry for you and so many like you, whom are not serious about the next life. But again, it is your choice and all I can do is inform; it is not my right to force my beliefs upon you or anyone else. It may seem contrary to what I say about the media, which is more than just TV and newspapers. It is everything that comes under the categories of information, education, entertainment and so-called, edification. I say that there is an element in their ivory towers at the AP, who have created so many problems for our public through their bias and misinformation that it is unconscionable. These fashion plates look so good every night, but they are a merely front for the wickedness that goes on behind the scenes. I will give a Scripture reference to you that says it best: Matthew 23:27-28 May I suggest that you read these references. This way you will know that I back up what I say with substance, and not my own dribble.


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