Langston Wins Garwood School Board Seat by Write-In

Amanda Langston received 40 write-in votes.

With only two candidates for three available seats on the Garwood Board of Education, Amanda Langston has won herself a spot with 40 write-in votes.

Langston's closest challenger, David Murphy, received 24 write-in votes, while 23 other residents received just one or two write-in votes for the seat.

Uncontested incumbents Adele Lewis and Barbara Greet will keep their seats for another three-year term.

Election results:

Dist. 1 Dist. 2 Dist. 3 Dist. 4 TOTAL Adele Lewis 147 215 154 136 652 Barbara Greet 135 220 168 132 655 Amanda Langston 3 15 18 4 40 David Murphy 5 8 8 3 24

Other write-in candidates: Michele Beebe, John Conlin, Dawn Heintz, Terry Rosynsky, Eugene Perrotta, Keith McDevitt, John Moldovan, Sylvia Martinez, Greg Zeigerson, Kim Ficarra, Kristen Kaplan, K McDevitt, Ed Guinan, Debbie Courtney, Bruce Paterson, Scott Hartenstein, Ken Roll, Rosemary Snow, Dennis Clark, John Zultanky, Joe Garritano, Candida.

b paterson November 16, 2012 at 02:02 PM
if we only knew candida was running.............................


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