District Personnel Changes For New School Year

Resignations, hires, transfers and reorganizations for 2012-13.

The following is an up-to-date list of personnel changes for the upcoming school year, compiled from board of education minutes from April through August 2012.


  • Antoinette Haines, elementary school, retirement 
  • William Roca, curriculum supervisor, retirement
  • Wendy Wyman, financial literacy teacher, retirement
  • Gary Widdoss, physical education teacher, football coach, retirement
  • Colin Wells, social studies teacher
  • Leah Moylen, maternity leave replacement teacher of students with disabilities.
  • Phil Descarfino, custodial/maintenance, retirement.
  • Timothy Steinhauser, custodian, retirement
  • John Demeo, custodian
  • Heather Hellmich, aide 
  • Kathleen Connolly, aide 
  • Candace Terantino, aide
  • Linda Dill, aide
  • Rebecca Walsh, aide
  • Joseph Brezowski, bus driver
  • Ann Schall, bus aide
  • Annemarie Polster, bus aide


  • Noreen Lazariuk, principal of Hopatcong High School
  • Linda Tappen, secretary to vice principal of the middle school
  • Laura Antonello, maternity leave replacement teacher of students with disabilities
  • Lauren Helwig, special education teacher
  • Mary Nee, half-time kindergarten teacher
  • Gloria Silva, half-time kindergarten teacher
  • Craig Vallaro, social studies teacher
  • Michael Landshof, mathematics teacher
  • Brook Ganguzza, physical education teacher
  • Lillian MacRae, school nurse
  • Danette Swanson, long-term substitute leave replacement health and physical education teacher
  • Detrone Edwards, high school in-school suspension monitor
  • Nancy Marinaro, middle school in-school suspension monitor
  • Tracey Grochulski, personal aide
  • Danielle Donnelly, aide
  • Melissa Forrester
  • Elizabeth Juliano, secretary
  • Michael Smith, part-time custodian


  • Judith Mancuso, secretary to the facilities supervisor to high school attendance officer/secretary to the athletic director
  • Linda Minervini, middle school ICS to Durban Avenue,
  • Kimberly Boucher, middle school MD Program to middle school ICS,
  • Linda Aviles, middle school self-contained LLD to high school multiply disabled student personal teacher
  • Barbara Sanders, high school personal teacher to middle school self-contained LLD program
  • Melissa Kennedy, Hudson Maxim kindergarten possible move to first grade 

Administrative Reorganization:

  • Emil Binotto, high school principal to middle school principal,
  • Lewis Benfatti, middle school principal to Durban Avenue principal,
  • Brian Byrne, Durban Avenue principal to Tulsa Trail principal
  • Joanne Mullane, Tulsa Trail principal to curriculum supervisor

Maternity Leave:

  • Cheryl Gramp, French teacher
  • Ruth DeSalvia
  • Amanda Stypul, science teacher personal leave of absence


  • Joan McCormack, school librarian, passed away
Roll Back Our Tax September 03, 2012 at 01:20 PM
And we still will have poor performing schools next year with one of the highest costs to educate a student.
Edubb September 04, 2012 at 12:57 PM
But atleast you have the Choice Program to attend a much higher performing school. Paperwork needs to be turned in by Nov 16th.
james September 08, 2012 at 04:15 PM
And Roll Back will still be spewing his nonsense!!
Observer September 08, 2012 at 04:25 PM
If a HHS student applies and is accepted for transfer to Lenape Valley HS, how does the transportation to LVHS work.
The Watcher September 08, 2012 at 08:13 PM
Thanks for letting us know !


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