Tim Occhipinti Fails To Help 4th Ward Flood Victims

I moved to Hoboken in 1985. Although I recently moved out of town this blog is still primarily my take on Hoboken politics and politricks.

Since moving to Hoboken I have agreed and disagreed with many Council members. No one however has appeared to be as incompetent as Tim Occhipinti.

The 4th Ward representative rolls his eyes and humphed and stumped when anyone disagrees with him. After turning red faced he consistently stumbles and bumbles with his meager responses. With flooding occurring in his Ward (before Mayor Zimmer's pumps were installed) he recommended that his future constituents would be better off watching the Weather Channel than having the innovative Emnet technology installed.

This technology has provided Hoboken with invaluable real time information on where the largest leaks are. This is important because we do not have unlimited funds to repair every leak.

Tim apparently wants us to shoot at a flooding dart board rather than investing prudently. He then enthusiastically supported the corrupt felon Peter Camaranno, showing clearly which side he agrees with.

As a councilman he also supported a zero budget surplus. Had Tim had his way the 3 year retro pay for our police and firemen would have had no funds available, potentially causing a multi million tax increase.

After the Cammarano saga there was a discussion (I was involved with) over whether or not Hoboken should adopt stronger ethics rules. Tim was there at that time but somehow he can't remember or chose to forget the available options.

According to state law (not that Tim or the other minority members seem to care about following the law or state regulations) Hoboken can either accept a weak state law or allow the mayor to appoint a 15 member board at his/her discretion.

Although I support Mayor Zimmer, I – like the rest of the council – felt this would give any mayor too much power. Yet Tim plowed ahead in order to punish Nancy Pincus for her satirical articles ridiculing his actions. Obviously the 1st Amendment and Nancy's right to free speech means nothing to him.

Perhaps Tim will pay attention rather than forgetting crucial information in the future, but I doubt it. When the time came for Tim to stand up and give Mayor Zimmer the tools available to acquire park land in the 4th Ward he sided with developers over his citizens that deserve a park.

He also greedily lobbied former BA Arch Liston for most of the park bond issue to make Mama Johnson's Field a state of the art facility. While Mama Johnson Field needed and has been resurfaced every Ward deserves their share of the proceeds, because we all live (lived) in a small mile square city.

When Hurricane Sandy hit he not only failed to show up, but his remarks were cruel and beneath the dignity of the office which he claims to serve. He stated that people on the shore had their homes washed away (including Mayor Roberts) and therefore deserved more consideration than Hoboken residents.

Here's Nancy's take on Tim's remarks: http://grafixavenger.blogspot.com/2012/12/tim-fights-flood-aid-tim-fights-for.html


As someone who has gone over my parents possessions (photos, movies, slides) that go back to the 1920's, I have found priceless treasures that Tim can't comprehend.

Maybe a flood victim has a prized painting, children's handiwork, collectables or fine furniture. Whatever you prize I can only grieve with you if you lost anything during the Nor'easter.

If you live at ground level, below, are part of a condo association or own a brownstone then you might be part of the $100 million damage that Hoboken suffered. It was not only the citizens, but the City of Hoboken itself that suffered multi million damage and loss.

Tim apparently couldn't care less about your loss. If he had his fiscally incompetent way there would be no funds available to repair and replace the city's losses. Once again a massive tax rise would have occurred if Tim had his way. It is one thing to be incompetent, it is another to not care about residents who suffer losses.

Tim also trumpeted his Train of Hope, that would deliver needed goods to flood stricken Hoboken. Instead the majority of the goods never made it to Hoboken.

Perhaps this is why Tim cries and moans over Nancy's opinion. Time after time he has shown that he really doesn't care about the 4th Ward, unless of course Beth Mason tells him to do so. Mr. “Independent” has only once voted against his paymaster in a 5-4 vote.

This shows quite clearly that he is a lapdog, not an independent. Whether you rent (subject to floods or tax surcharges) or own property in the 4th Ward, the facts are clear, Tim Occhipinti neither cares nor is interested in your survival during an emergency situation.

In the next election I urge you to vote for a candidate that truly cares about your Ward.

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Ojo Rojo January 16, 2013 at 04:35 PM
He only saved the city money b/c Christie stepped in to save the hospital. If Christie hadn't helped, Tim would have cost over 1,000 people their jobs and the city would be on the hook for tens of millions of dollars in bonds that were immediately due and payable upon a default. Christie saved the hospital and saved the taxpayers of this town from the irresponsible machinations of the minority. Stop pretending Tim did something useful. He was playing Russian Roulette and holding a gun to the head of every taxpayer in town with his foolishness and you know it.
DaHorsey, SmartyJones of MSV January 16, 2013 at 06:38 PM
Yes, Gov. Christie stopped MORTe (beth Mason, tim Occhipinti, michael Russo and Terry castellano) when they attempted to shut the hospital down in order to hurt the mayor. That's exactly who they are and Gov. Christie showed who he is putting up $5,000,000 so the deal would go through and Hoboken would not be hit with an $80 million or more bill. It's pretty pathetic the Masonista lies are trotted out here again on one of the most ugly political acts against the City, ranking right up there with the corruption of felons and former mayors Peter Cammarano and Anthony Russo. We shouldn't expect less lies from the likes of Curious Gal but how she believes this helps Timmy Occhipinti and Beth Mason is beyond me. It just helps people to remember what kind of people they all are. The night before Gov. Christie stepped in to save Hoboken and the hospital I'll always remember how Terry Castellano began the discussion on behalf of the Old Guard saying the money to aid in the sale wasn't needed. Castellano who was aware as anyone the hospital was running out of money actually told the audience, "there's other bidders." Other bidders out of nowhere to drop from the sky and save a hospital on the very of bankruptcy? Yes, that's what she said and she had the support of Beth Mason, Michael Russo and Tim Occhipinti. Disgusting. Never forget.
Scott M. Siegel January 23, 2013 at 12:39 AM
Another bonehead move by Tim. For the second year in a row Tim asked the council to hire a full time land use attorney. As he was told last year no attorney or even one firm has a monopoly on the best lawyer(s) fora particular case. If Tim had his way we would either be underrepresented in a particular case or have to hire an additional lawyer/firm which would result in higher costs. For example one firm may specialize in environmental matters and another in variances for givebacks.When will he learn from his past mistakes or will he just go on repeating them?
anoldhoboken July 15, 2014 at 10:39 PM
Timothy Occhipinti is a looser… He is fake and selfish… it was very clear in the previous elections. He resigned his job to show off as if he is dedicated towards hoboken. He is back at the same job now. He neither belongs to the job nor hoboken and all he cares is how to keep his pockets warm.
anoldhoboken July 15, 2014 at 10:54 PM
Tim Occhipinti failed to help flood victims?? He is busy picking up credits for somebody else's work. All he can do is smile and walk around. A complete fake...


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