Cranford Teens Offer Assistance to Local Residents

The group CHAPS has been helping Cranford residents with anything they might need completed.

From left to right it's Mallory Vollbrecht, Cam Hay, Kevin McCarthy, and Trevor Aschmies
From left to right it's Mallory Vollbrecht, Cam Hay, Kevin McCarthy, and Trevor Aschmies

Several Cranford students started the Cranford High Assistance Program last year in order to help residents with a variety of tasks for free.

“These students felt a need to let people know that they were here for them,” said group secretary, Cameron Hay.

The group was started last year by a group of seniors in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and new freshman students picked up where the group picked up where they left off. Just yesterday, the group assisted families in shoveling six homes.

CHAPs was also able to secure about two other homes for future storms or needs, Hay said. In addition to snow cleanup, the group offers any type of yard work, such as shoveling or raking leaves, babysitting, or picking up groceries.

“Tasks that we can complete really range from anything,” Hay said. “It really just feels great to give back to the community and let residents know that there are those of us at Cranford High that are truly grateful for what this town has granted us and the privileges we have.”

Hay said they are hoping the group will expand and set an example for future CHAPs members.

Just Wednesday, the members were featured on News 12 New Jersey for their shoveling work. Hay said this was a highlight for the group.

“It was nice to know that we were being recognized, but that more people will call us now for assistance,” he said.

Some of the group’s original goals included getting a couple of jobs, which they quickly were able to do. Now, they are in the process of working on a fundraiser.

“We really just want to get the word out that we are here for the people of the community,” Hay explained.

If you are interested in assistance then, contact Chapsnj@gmail.com.

The members of CHAPs include: 
Mallory Vollbrecht (9), Trevor Aschmies (9), Tim and Ben Romero (9), Ben Bacall (9), Todd Sweeney (10) Kyle Benor (10), Alex Jacobson (9), Kevin McCarthy (9), Kat Marotta (9), Jess Potash (9), Spencer Pascal (9), Sean O'Beirne (9), Allison Budsock (9), Ryan Van Benscheton (9), Cam Hay (9), Delia Kernan (9).    


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