Local Family To Lead 'Promise Walk' at Nomahegan Park

The Preeclampsia Foundation has chosen Stephanie Steiner and her family as the 2012 'Mission Family.'

The Preeclampsia Foundation is pleased to announce that Stephanie Steiner and her family are the 2012 Cranford, NJ Promise Walk for Preeclampsia™ Mission Family. Steiner and her now 12-year-old daughter Marissa are co-chairing the 2012 Cranford walk.

“While preeclampsia put my life and the life of my daughter in jeopardy, I consider us to be the lucky ones,” Steiner said. “I am honored to walk to raise awareness and funds so that all pregnant women and infants are eventually safe from this dreadful disease.”

Steiner’s daughter Marissa was born at 34 weeks, weighing only three pounds, five ounces due to severe preeclampsia. In the final weeks of her pregnancy, Steiner’s face, hands and feet swelled tremendously, her blood pressure was very high and there was protein in her urine. Together, they can be deadly.

 “It’s scary to me because the doctors didn’t diagnose my mom with preeclampsia, and we both could have died,” said Marissa Steiner.  “I want everyone I know to know about preeclampsia and how common it actually is, so that more lives can be saved.”

Marissa has embraced her role as the Preeclampsia Foundation’s youngest Promise Walk co-coordinator as her special mitzvah (good deed) project for her upcoming Bat Mitzvah. She wants to express her gratitude for the lives of herself and her mother, as well as to take steps to combat this disease that threatens her own future childbearing.

Stephanie, Marissa and the entire Steiner family will kick off the festivities and share their inspiring story at the 2012 Promise Walk for Preeclampsia™, on May 19, at Nomahegan Park in Cranford, which is a 5K walk. As well, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has issued an official proclamation from the State of New Jersey declaring May as Preeclampsia Awareness Month. For information or to register to walk/donate, visit www.promisewalk.org/cranford.


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