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I am a 12 years young. I go to school. I love to write. You know, get my feelings out or getting my point across. A lot of people tell me I'm wise beyond my years. So I decided to start a blog. :) Hope you like it!
The majority of my daily life is based on school. I feel that I have to always apply myself and do my best so I can get to where I wanna be in years to come-- i want to go to the best colleges and be a lawyer and part time journalist or blogger. I'm determined and not going to give up my dreams. Most kids my age are really wrapped up in drama and social activity, i have lots of friends and i cant say i always stay away from drama. MY friends and peirs know not to mess with me- point blank. but other than that i stay away from boy drama-stuff like that. But for other girls thats their life. Its not who i am what so ever! Anyway now im babbling so yeah thats me. read my blogs please-- i want my blogs to be sort of a first step for me. :) oh and to all the people that know me- i go over every blog with my parents now so they are all with their permission LOL
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