Dw. Dunphy
Dw. Dunphy is a freelance contributor to several Patch sites such as the Rumson, Oceanport, Cranford and Morristown editions, as well as www.Musictap.Net. His primary writing duties can be viewed at www.Popdose.com where he provides the columns 50Prog50 (a series that looks at progressive rock music), Rock Court, and occasionally curates the Friday Mixtape. He recently interviewed musicians Ian Anderson, Pat Metheny, Sam Phillips and is completing a conversation with Queensryche lead singer Geoff Tate.
Dunphy is also an independent musician and has released several recordings including the brand new EP Built On The Bones, Enigmatic, Pseudobiography and his latest, People Wearing Masks. He has an internet radio show, not ironically titled Radioshow With Dw. Dunphy at www.thepenguinrocks.com. One of Dunphy's earliest writing successes was the internet serialized novella Drivers Of The Plague. Dunphy makes his home in Monmouth County, New Jersey.
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