Nathan Carrick
Email nathan.carrick@patch.com Phone 301-237-5788 Hometown Reading, PA Birthday October 31, 1984
Bio Before coming to Patch.com, I was the Gaithersburg City reporter for the Gazette newspaper for less than a year. Before that I spent a year as the Rockville City reporter. Covering these two cities sparked my interest in understanding the innermost workings of municipal government. It also made me appreciate that, in the end, government is about the people. That should never be overlooked. While earning my bachelor's degree at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania, I discovered my love of journalism. As an avid hobbyist, I try to split my time between my riding my bike, fiddling with my camera and editing videos. Your Beliefs I believe in facts and information, and in the basic goodness of people. In my opinion these two form the basis of good journalism, and I believe wholeheartedly that good journalism is supported by and vital to the intended function of the Constitution.  Beyond that, I just try to do the right thing. Politics I am a registered Democrat, but consider myself to be extremely open-minded when it comes to political beliefs. Everyone has a reason for supporting what they support. It's better to truly understand all sides of an argument before deciding what side to take. Religion I consider myself passively religious in that I don't actively believe in a structured religion, but cannot count out to possibility of a higher power. Instead of trying to define my beliefs, I strive to do good with no expectation of reward or benefit in this life or the next.   Local Hot-Button Issues Gaithersburg faces many challenges in the next few years — most of them budgetary. The City is trying to right a badly listing ship, and how it handles this crisis will have a direct impact on taxpayers and residents. Also, the changing demographics of the City are something to keep an eye on. Understanding the basic fabric of Gaithersburg will be key to effective government and community building. Speaking of building, several large development projects that are chomping at the bit to start work in the city would benefit not just the City coffers but also spur on much-needed redevelopment efforts. But overspreading all these issues is a seeming lack of citizen-engagement with City government. Because of Gaithersburg's budget crunch in fiscal 2011, residents will feel the sting of a 20 percent property tax increase, decreased services and increased fees. Still, few residents offered their input during the budget process, leaving their wallets open for the City to take from at will.
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