Free KOA CrossFit Kids Class Dec. 27

Next month the gym, known for high intensity workouts, will begin offering workouts for kids 5 to 13.

The CrossFit experience, known for high intensity fat-burning exercises that include lifting weights over your head, has been gaining popularity across the country for several years now. Enthusiasts who've joined Cranford's local Crossfit KOA might be glad to know they can soon get their kids into it as well.

"We definitely don't have 5-year-olds doing clean and jerks," said coach Steve Gregersen. "For the young, group classes are 30 minutes and are more game oriented," he said.

CrossFit is probably most striking for the barbell lifting you see people do, especially when you walk past the Cranford location at night, when the gym is packed. The workouts are grueling and include body movements, rope climbing and other exercises. Children as young as 5 will be able to join up when kids classes are scheduled to begin in January.

"We use games that require squatting, running, jumping, burpees," Gregersen said.

CrossFit KOA will offer a free class for kids on Thursday, Dec. 27, starting at 11a.m. Children 5 to 8 years old can attend the 11a.m. to 11:30a.m. class, while kids 8 to 13, can attend an 11:45a.m. to 12:30p.m. class.






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