Township on Track to Complete Hillside Avenue Tunnel

Cranford has received approval from Conrail to finish work on the tunnel.

After battling with Conrail to complete work on the Hillside Avenue Tunnel, the Township has struck an agreement to install the permanent lining and walkway.

Initally, Conrail wanted to charge the Township $30,000 for “licensing the use” of the tunnel, according to Mayor Tom Hannen. Cranford was able to negotiate down to a $10,000 fee.

“It is troubling,” Hannen said. “But at this point in time that’s the best we could do.”

Once signed by Hannen, the Township will be able to move forward with the work.

The materials are already being held in Cranford, but the Township is now waiting on when the contractor will be available to do the work.

Richard Marsden, the Township engineer, said the contractors will consider doing work over the school’s winter break, but have to run it by their manager since it would require overtime.

The Township is hoping the work will be completed by the end of the year. Once started, the installation should take 8-10 days.

The tunnel, also known as Kanishka Passage, was originally scheduled for completion prior to the first day of school, but was delayed as the township waited for the special order piping, Mayor Tom Hannen had said.

Closure of the tunnel also caused some students to cross the train tracks during the first few days of school since they could not make their way through the passage. Cranford Police immediately announced this and parents were warned of the dangers.



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