Cranford Resident Joins Atlantic Highlands Brewery Team

Pete Dickson, formerly Sixpoint Brewery’s head brewer, will join Carton Brewing in March.

Carton Brewery. Credit: Facebook
Carton Brewery. Credit: Facebook

Cranford resident Pete Dickson, the former head brewer at Sixpoint Brewery in Brooklyn, will now join Carton Brewing in Atlantic Highlands.

Dickson is expected to join in the beginning of March, according to Beer Stained Letter.

“Each brewery has its own culture and way of doing things,” Dickson said to BSL. “I’m excited to offer up what I can bring, but I’m also very excited to acclimate to what (Carton’s) doing.”

Head brewer, Jesse Ferguson, of Carton became friends in 2012 through a Sixpoint-Carton fundraiser and have been in touch ever since.

The Carton crew had voiced their need to add another brewer and reached out to Dickson to help them find one, but it turned out Dickson was interested in the job for himself. Plus, it meant him being back in his home state.

"We believe he's a dynamic and important enough guy that we want him," brewery co-founder Augie Carton expressed to BSL. "It's an opportunity. You don't miss that opportunity because (you think) you're not ready."


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