Cranford Police Take Top Honors In NJ Law Enforcement Challenge

The challenge rewards the best overall traffic safety programs in the country.

The was recently honored after receiving a first place finish in the 46-75 officer category of the New Jersey Law Enforcement Challenge for the fifth year in a row.

The Law Enforcement Challenge is a competition between similar sizes and types of law enforcement agencies. It recognizes and rewards the best overall traffic safety programs in the United States. The areas of concentration include efforts to enforce laws and educate the public about occupant protection, impaired driving, and speeding. The wining safety programs are those that combine officer training, public information, and enforcement to reduce crashes and injuries within its jurisdiction. The township of Cranford saw a 32 percent decrease in injury related crashes in 2011.

The Cranford Police Department also finished the competition with the highest overall score for all department categories. For placing first overall, the department received a Whelen Liberty light bar from Mobile Fleet, LLC. valued at $3,500. The Whelen light bar will be used to replace an older model currently in its fleet.

The Law Enforcement Challenge is financed through a grant awarded to the International Association of Chief’s of Police by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Both of these organizations believe an increase in traffic enforcement in a community results in a decrease in motor vehicle crashes, injuries, and fatalities. The New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police has established its own state Challenge program along with the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety.

K. Pedroso May 17, 2012 at 01:21 AM
I guess notifying the public was not one of the evaluating or competitive standards?
Pete Carlisle May 17, 2012 at 12:17 PM
Where is the awards and recognition for the Detective Bureau? All you hear about, and what Chief Mason and Capt. Van Bergen want to talk to Patch and other media about, is silly inconsequential stuff like traffic safety programs as was featured in this article. You have a Detective Bureau being managed and led by some good police investigators and not a ounce of recognition from the top brass? Why is that? I read little tid bits about heroin trafficking, burglaries involving guns, and drug arrests originating from the Parkway and other thoroughfares in our township, but yet nothing from the Police Chief about these problems in the media?? And now, this past weekend we have a hoorific case of how our township was infultrated by some bad characters of a neighboring town, and a poor young lady (and her family) are paying a horrific price. Then you read the comments on this forum by a family member from another homicide victim in 2005 and the incompassionate gestures by the Chief of Police, mind boggling. While I respect what all the police do, I am frankly a little tired hearing about traffic safety and wanna know more about the scum peddling crime and vice in this town. I also want to see some recognition by this Police Chief, who at one time was supposedly a Detective himself, give and speak some recognition towards those he passed the torch to as he ascended the ranks to where he is. Some advice for the Chief "Don't forget where you came from".
Lara Dereza-Santos May 17, 2012 at 05:46 PM
Unfortunately, the general public does not want to hear the bad things that happen in Cranford. It is an afflent suburb of New York City. Bad things are not supposed to happen in it.
Ken R. May 17, 2012 at 06:01 PM
Michael Jackson's house (Neverland Ranch) was supposed to be a quiet and safe place to for children, and look at the juvenile debauchery that was taking place there. People who are ignorant of history are liable to repeat it. Wake up Cranford. E-mail the police chief e-mason@cranfordnj.org, or the public safety commissioner lnesi@verizon.net and start demanding answers and accountability. The incident from 2005 and how Chief Mason has treated them is an outrage we should all be appalled at.
Steve B May 20, 2012 at 11:17 PM
Wasn't the 2005 case solved in a very short time? I believe it was drug related. Or was there another murder in 2005?


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