The Week Ahead: Flood Control, Fire Hazards

Here's a look at some of the stories Patch is working on for this week.

  • It's been a mild winter and with the recent rain and humidity, you may have already noticed that the mosquitos are out and biting. The county is offering tips to help prevent the insects from breeding around residential areas.
  • Cranford is one of many towns throughout the state that has suffered brush fires recently as a result of the dry, windy conditions. Firefighters are urging caution this week, especially in wooded areas where fires can spread rapidly.
  • The Mayor's Council on Rahway River Flood Control met in Union recently to continue discussing regional flood control efforts. New estimates of the damages brought by Hurricane Irene now are in excess of $60 million well above earlier estimates as residents and businesses have finalized damage claims. While the financial impacts are significant, other impacts from family burdens to property value losses remain serious concerns. Some residents are just now returning to their homes.
  • Every year, numerous girls are forced to sit out their high school proms because financial circumstances prevent them from being able to afford a dress. Becca's Closet is an organization with a chapter in Cranford that helps underprivilegd teens acquire clothing to wear to their senior prom.


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